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I’m a Skiffy Rommer (Science Fiction Romance fanatic) represented by Amanda Luedeke of MacGregor Literary, Inc. My work covers a variety of genres (and cross-genres) including sci-fi, paranormal, and time travel, all with a healthy dose of romance. (What’s life without it?) I’ve been writing since I learned how to hold a pen and make funny marks on paper, but became dedicated to publishing my work in 2007.

I love to create extraordinary love stories amidst futuristic elements that will appeal to a wide audience. The characters are always the focus, never the contraptions.

Why do I write Science Fiction Romance?

Short answer: It’s what I love to read.

Long answer: I enjoy creating worlds, and even universes, where the history, politics, technology, environment, or cultural stigmas create fascinating conflicts the characters must overcome.

Who or what inspires me?

I cut my teeth on Anne McCaffrey and other icons like Frank Herbert, Harlan Ellison, and Arthur C. Clarke as a very young member of the Science Fiction Book Club. Later I became a huge fan of romance novels and authors like Nan Ryan, Jennifer Wilde and Nora Roberts. More recently, Linnea Sinclair became a preferred author with Games of Command one of my all-time favorite Sci-Fi Romance novels and I also enjoyed her Dock Five series. Sandra McDonald’s The Outback Stars was a huge inspiration for me. Other favorite authors include John Scalzi, Darynda Jones, Sharon Lynn Fisher, Barbara Elsborg, Ann Aguirre, Lois McMaster Bujold, Marcella Burnard, Catherine Asaro and Pippa Jay.

What’s my backstory?

I’ve been married for over twenty years to my own private hero–a man who wears two uniforms, is my best friend and always in 100% support of my writing.  Former Michiganders, we followed our hearts to the great Southwest in the late 1980s, and now own a small ranch in the picturesque East Mountains near Albuquerque. I’m employed as a civilian budget director for the military, and I previously served as a reserve law enforcement trooper for our state.




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