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Ever since I was young, I’ve been spellbound by the mystery of space. On warm summer nights, I would lie on my back in the cool grass and stare up at the star-sprinkled skies with a deep sense of wonder. I’d ponder the shadows of the Moon. Hold my breath in awe at the brilliance of a shooting star. Be captivated by the slow dance of the constellations across the heavens.

I’d ask myself, what’s out there? What wonders? What adventures? What vistas? I’ve always longed to go find the answers among those distant stars.

But I knew, too, that the universe can be a very empty, lonely place if we make the trek alone. Every journey is as much about who we take with us as what we find there. There is as much to discover in each other as there is among a trillion stars.

Exploration will always be a journey of the heart as well as the mind. 

This is the soul of my work. Whether the story is set on a distant Goldilocks planet, an alternate present or a troubling future, it is as much about the unstoppable power of love as it is about the paradoxes of time and space. 

Science Fiction and Romance share the same DNA. At their very heart, they are about exploration and discovery. 

Enjoy the adventure.

― Laurie A. Green


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