Glossary for Series

This glossary was compiled for the Inherited Stars Series. If you find an unfamiliar reference that’s not listed below, send me an email so I can update the list.

Future Term        Current Meaning                                                             
Ariima                      [Name] Believed to be derived from Maria
banny club               Telescoping baton/club used for defense
Billins                       An alcoholic beverage from a species of gourd
biodroid                   Biological android, grown not manufactured
borga                        Valuable ore, essential for industry and as fuel
Carazjel                    [Name] Derived from Cara/Jezebel
calendar                   Standardized year (each planet’s solar cycle varies)
con-drive                 Slang for “neural-connective drive”
crewie                       Slang for star ship crew members
bookie                      An agent who books undocumented flights for passengers
Firelords!                 Refers to a historical group, e.g. Spartans! or Druids!
Drea                          [Name] Dray-ah; derived from Andrea
Empora’s Hades      Oh hell! (Empora’s Hades is a dangerous area of space)
Epto                           Name of a month on the standardized Calendar
fren-oven                  Futuristic microwave
fug                             Corruption of a historical expletive verb
fuggen                       Corruption of a historical expletive verb
Gerabunga!              Future term possibly derived Geronimo! and/or Cowbunga!
Gigadam                   Expletive; damn to the nth
Gods of Gellen        What the hell? or Damn! Refers to monuments in Gellen Plaza 
Haley’s crest            Oath; gaseous debris field from destroyed planet Bradley

hang                          Slang for hangar
hangtown                 Slang for a spaceport located on a planet
haras                         Evolved word for “hours,” standardized unit of time
hellcat                       Derogatory term for a confrontational person
heo                             [Purmian] Meaning “gutless eunuch;” derogatory
K                                 OK, okay, all right, yes.
kensmarc                  Honorary, ritualistic facial scars on Rathskian males
kinna                         Coffee drink
Jaeo                           [Name] Evolved from Jay, George
Logibot                     Robot with AI capable of logic
marka                       [Rathskian] Derogatory; stong-willed female
milos                          Spatial miles; derived or merge of miles/kilometers
moons                        Standardized month
neural-connective   Advanced drive system, aka “con-drive”
neuraltron                Device for mind-linking
P2PC                         Acronym for “Planet-to-Planet Courier”
PCB                           Acronym for Particle Containment Bay
Rathscum                 Derogatory term for Rathskians
replas                        Monetary measure based on “replicated coinage”
Ry                              [Name] Shortened version of Ryan
Sair                            [Name] A Rathskian clan; from biblical term for “demon”
Saybin                      [Name] A future form of Sabine or Sabina
sectas                        Standardized word for “seconds;” measurement of time
Shadowskins           Suit of material that is invisible to the human retina
sim                            Term of endearment; derived from simpatico; pleasing
spitfire                      Person who is extremely aggressive or speaks forcefully
tempas                      Term derived from tempo for “minutes” or “time”
touched dirt             On planet, landed, planet-side
vuetnok irons          Weapon for the fist, similar to brass knuckles
What goes?              What’s going on? What’s happening? Que pasa?
Wreckface                Derogatory term for Rathskians/kensmarcs
Yele                           [Purmian] (Yay-lay), mythical power that restores balance
Zjel                           [Name] Derived from Jezebel


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