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Maura—in her uncolored state—came streaking out of the ship, chattering loudly as she clambered up Rigel’s field fatigues and perched on his shoulder to scold Garr.

“Guess your pet’s telling me we’re on the same side.”

“She’s not a pet.”

Garr swung his head back to Sona. “You look Rathski to me.”

“I am.”

“Pretty rare breed to be sided with the Network, aren’t you?” Garr asked, before his questioning look shifted back to Rigel.

“She’s a Network asset,” Rigel stated. Whether it was true or not didn’t matter. She was going with him to the transport.

Garr leveled them both with a hard squint. “Well, aren’t you two a pair?”



The Inherited Stars Series

By Laurie A. Green

When his transport is destroyed before his eyes, agent Rigel Blackline and his bio-engineered StarDog partner wind up marooned on a planet buzzing with enemy patrols. Worse, they carry time-sensitive intel that must be delivered to their contacts on a distant space station—data that could defeat their ruthless enemies.

Rigel’s only hope is to reach another Network ship before they’re captured, but things get complicated when they cross paths with Sona, a savvy warrior-class Rathskian female. She claims to be a friendly, but he suspects the vixen is a dangerous counter-spy sent to intercept him and his StarDog. His intuitive sidekick’s immediate bond with Sona is even more baffling.

Rigel decides “capturing” Sona as an enemy asset and delivering her to his superiors may be his best option, but Sona has secrets that threaten more than just Rigel’s self-control. Her knowledge of Network dealings are on a level even he isn’t privy to. Is she truly an ally, or is he playing directly into the hands of a dangerous double-agent…in more ways than one?

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