Courting Disaster

Introduced as a novella in the USA TODAY bestselling collection Embrace the Romance: Pets in Space 2 — a 2017 SFR Galaxy Award winner also named by as one of the “Best Books of 2017” — Courting Disaster will be re-released as a standalone book with new and expanded scenes.
Captain Navene Jagger’s certainty he will be promoted to command a new battleship is doused when the admiral instead assigns him to what appears to be a suicide mission. If that isn’t bad enough, he finds his self-imposed status as a military monk in jeopardy when he is ordered to escort Ketsia Tayah and her StarDog through the treacherous, rogue-infested Bradley’s Rift in a battered derelict of a vessel – a task that also forces him to confront his painful past.
Ketsia’s experiences have made her stronger. She knows the universe is still a dangerous place, but it also turns out to be a lot smaller than she would have liked. Ketsia is rattled when she discovers that she and her StarDog are to be escorted by a man she once secretly adored. Can life get any more complicated when they are captured by dangerous rogues and must pretend they are married?
After Jagger learns the ship, the mission, and the StarDog are all much more than they seem, will he be able to protect Ketsia and salvage his career? Or will self-sacrifice be the only way to save those under his protection?

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