NEW: Follow Me on BookBub

Happy Friday, Readers!

I’ve now joined the BookBub site and note that the red “BB” icon has been added to my list of social media links (upper right corner of my home page if you don’t see it here) on this site. 

I’m really enjoying my BookBub experience, but as in everything where you’re in “start-up” mode, I don’t have a lot of followers yet and could really use your help. 

Here’s a shortcut to my BookBub profile. If you follow me on Bookbub, you’ll get to see books I recommend as I add them plus any upcoming news about my own work. I’m trying to add several books per week of my past favorites, plus new faves when I finish them.

I appreciate all my readers and this gives me one more way of keeping in touch with you, plus possibly pointing you to some great reads that you’ll love. Many thanks!


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