Pet in Space 5 is History!

It’s been another fabulous run, but like all Pets in Space volumes, No. 5 was only here for a limited time. 

And time is up!

Pets in Space 5 went off sale on February 28, 2021.

Thanks to all the reader who have so faithfully supported the Pets in Space series, have left wonderful reviews and helped propel it to NY Times Bestseller status on more than one occasion, and who have helped the Hero Dogs charity with their purchases. You are all so very appreciated!

And of course, being involved with Pets in Space is always a fun and amazing experience for this author!

I anticipate publishing Juggernaut, my story from the Pets in Space 5 collection, later this summer or fall.

I won’t be a contributing author in the next Pets in Space release due out in Fall 2021, but I plan to have more individual titles coming in the next year. And possible a special project in the works to boot. Stay tuned!


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