Stock Up on Summer Reads FREE Until May 15th! ***LAST DAY TODAY!***

Myself and eleven other science fiction romance authors have teamed up to offer you a dozen great reads, all for free via Instafreebie!

Just click >>  Intergalactic Romance to go to the landing page and see all the books available by authors like S.E. Smith, Cara Bristol, Pauline Baird Jones and Donna McDonald.  InstaFreebie provides several formats to select from and sends instructions on how to side-load these books onto your reader, if desired.

Farewell Andromeda is included among these selections. And here’s a special bonus to my site visitors…

You can also try Inherit the Stars Part I: Flight via Instafreebie for free (just click title at left). It will be available until the end of May and comprises about the first one third of the entire novel, ending on a terrific cliffhanger. Inherit the Stars Part II: The Network and Part III: Sacrifice or the Complete Novel are available on Amazon.

Happy Reading!


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