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Posted at Nov 16, 2019 6:45 pm

Over the years, I’ve written a series of blogs that I nicknamed Inherited Secrets. These quick reads explore connections between the characters, stories and settings of the Inherited Stars Series, and might just spill (or hint at) a big secret or two. Described as “part travel guide, part treasure map and part connect-the-dots,” I hope you’ll find these blogs entertaining…and sometimes illuminating. 🙂

Blame it on Dartis – More about the backwater planet that played the role of catalyst in two Inherited Stars saga stories–Inherit the Stars and StarDog.

A Man Called Jaeo – Sometimes enigma, sometimes foil, but always a good guy at heart, read more about this major supporting character (and soon to be hero of his own tale) Jaeo Gant.  Jaeo will be part of at least five stories in the series.

Once Upon a Space Station: A Glimpse Into the Past of The Inherited Stars Series – This blog looks at a setting that pops up in more than one of the series books, MONA Loa Station aka Andromeda Station. This station has a big secret hidden away!

SpyDog Secrets Revealed (But No Spoilers!) – This blog explores the connections between SpyDog and Farewell Andromeda (which takes place 200 years later), in particular, but also hints at some other ties in the series. SpyDog is included as part of the USA TODAY bestseller, Pets in Space 4 until early 2020. It will later be released as a standalone story in the series.

Living With World-Changing Prophecy – Written in January 2012–the year the world was supposed to end for those who may not remember–this blog draws parallels between those uncertain times where we all waited with baited breath to see if the prophecy would actual happen, and that of a millenia-old prophecy from an upcoming trilogy in The Inherited Stars Series. It’s a fun read, especially since we now know the outcome and our world survived. 🙂

Staying Ahead of the Tech (And How it May Not be Possible) – This blog looks at the challenges of writing a Near Future SFR, namely The Outer Planets, which is an upcoming release in the Inherited Stars Universe. The Outer Planets opens in 2039–now just 20 years in the future. The premise of the novel first came to me in 1980s when 2039 was still 59 years in the future.

This post will be updated as new installments are published.

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Although this isn’t part of my Inherited Secrets blog series, this interview with on May 25, 2015 adds quite a few hints and non-spoilery clues about the overall series.



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