Calling all Star Wars Fans

Posted at Apr 8, 2015 3:00 am

Are you a Star Wars fan? Did you see both of the trilogies? What’s that, you say? Several times? Yes, me too!

The original trilogy was my favorite, but I did love how Queen Amidala was a proactive go-getter in the second trilogy. Always in the fight, that one. I see where her daughter, Leia, got her spunk.

The heroine of my third novel is also such a heroine. Thrust into a situation she has little control over, she’s a fighter who isn’t about to go down unless she’s swinging. And often, that’s with a sword in her hand!

Here’s the blurb for Draxis (working title):

Katrina Wells is seized from a campsite in Iowa, hurled through space and time and thrust into a civilization of alien customs and frightening laws. She is determined to find her way back to Earth even though 21 years will pass on her home planet until she can return.

At odds with her abductor, King Alii’us, she uses her skills to wrest a pledge from him: In the span of ten days, he must convince her to remain with him on Draxis or he will send her home.

She is soon struggling with her fascination for the king, embroiled in the life-or-death fate of her protector, Captain Tell, swept into a dangerous power struggle with High Priest Altus and stalked by T’mar, a legendary assassin who was once her closest friend.

With the deadline at hand to chose between two worlds, she finds her answers may lie in a forgotten past.


Draxis was a 2012 RWA Golden Heart Awards(C) finalist.

I have something special today for those stopping by for this week’s Easter egg hunt. I have a 12″ Queen Amidala doll, 1999 Portrait Version, in full Red Senate ceremonial garb–still in the original box–as our Easter egg of the day. Here’s what she looks like on Amazon: Queen Amidala.

If you’re the first to see this and you’re in the USA–quick!–comment on this post and then click “Contact” above and select “Send an email” to notify me you’ve entered the hunt to win Queen Amidala! If you’re the first, I’ll collect your mailing address via email later today and send her off to you. If you’re not in the USA, contact me anyway and we’ll negotiate another prize. Good luck!

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Thanks for stopping by!


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