I Get the Nicest Notes…

Posted at Jun 24, 2015 2:09 am


One of my readers recently posted this on Facebook. Just had to share. 🙂


Ms. Laurie Green, I have a bone to pick with you. You made me cry last night just before going to bed … at the end of Inherit the Stars: The Network. Until that moment, I had no idea I was so emotionally invested in this story. And it’s all. your. fault. Why did you have to write such an amazing story? (For the record, this also happened to me with Farewell Andromeda. What the heck, girl friend? I mean, really!)

All I want to do is grab a tissue box, curl up in my reading chair, and spend this rainy day reading ItS: Sacrafice because I’m freaking addicted. (Did I mention this is your fault?) But I can’t because I have a butt-load of errands, a critique to finish, and edits on Prophecy to do. I asked my hubby to hide my Kindle today … and the stinker took it to work!

The withdrawals have already begun….



Thanks so much, Lea! I really loved hearing from you.


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