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Posted at Aug 7, 2012 5:28 pm

The Sky is Not the Limit — My 2008 interview on The Galaxy Express.  (The title is one of my favorite tag lines.)

Twenty Things About Me — An introduction for Take it to the Stars.

SFF Signal Mind Meld: What Does Romance Bring to the SF Genre? — Commentary included with that of a group of SFR authors and bloggers who were invited to contribute.

Katherine Allred Interview and Book Launch Party for Close Contact — SFR Brigade main blog, 6/8/10

PMCs: Post Mortem Characters— Spacefreighters Lounge, 10/21/09

Thank you, Dr. Bailey! — Spacefreighters Lounge, 5/23/08

Writing in a Recession — The Toasted Scimitar, 12/4/08


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