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Posted at Oct 17, 2016 9:24 pm

Happy Monday! (That’s almost an oxymoron, isn’t it?)

My eight fellow authors and myself are very excited about the fantastic reception for Pets in Space. It’s remained a Top Ten seller on the Amazon Science Fiction Romance and Hot New Releases lists for nearly a week now, and garnered close to 40 glowing reviews on Amazon and Goodreads! We couldn’t be happier. And we’re especially happy for, the cause this anthology is supporting with 10% of the first month’s profits. Hero Dogs trains and provides service animals to disabled military veterans.

PetsInSpaceCoverMy story–StarDog–which is part of my Inherited Stars Universe Series, has gotten some really lovely comments, too. Check out the Pets in Space “reviews” here <[click] if you’d like to read what some of our enthusiastic readers are saying.

Today, I wanted to share some blogs for those readers interested in knowing more about StarDog and the Inherited Stars Universe. Most of these are quick reads at fewer than 600 words, so they won’t take a big chunk of your day, but will add some really rich layering to the series.


Unraveling the Mystery of Flashpoint — Hosted by SciFi Romance and USA Today bestselling author Cara Bristol

For the Faster Than Light (FTL) travel in my series, I did a little research and applied a lot of imagination in creating a fictional way to “slip the surly bonds of 3D.” If you’ve read Inherit the Stars or Farewell Andromeda, you may be familiar with Flashpoint by another name, DEDspace or DEDdrive. Nifty tech…but there’s a price.


A Mystery Ship Called Calypso — Hosted by Pauline Baird Jones, author of the Project Enterprise SFR series.

Much of Stardog takes place aboard the specialized transport ship, Calypso. Ahhh, but Calypso and her captain have many secrets. I think the story will reveal a couple of big mysteries surrounding the vessel and in this blog I hint at just a few, as well as both Captain Dava Jordan’s reasons for naming her very special ship…and mine.


How to Create the Perfect Mascot — Hosted by Alexis Glynn Latner, author of the Aeon’s Legacy SFR series.

Katrina, my little StarDog, is at the center of the story. But how do you go about creating the perfect bio-engineered vermin exterminator? I spill all the secrets on how I “made” a StarDog for the story.


Welcome to Planet Carduwa — Hosted by Lea Kirk, author of the Prophecy science fiction romance series.

Carduwa is mentioned in Inherit the Stars, and at least one supporting character, Captain Navene Jagger, hails from the planet as a Carduwan military officer. But StarDog allowed me to put boots on the ground for the first time, and I had some personal inspiration for creating this iconic world.


Snakes on a Starship; Rattlesnake in the Garage — Hosted by Carysa Locke, author of Pirate Nemesis and Pirate Bound.

Something very unnerving happened while I was in the process of penning StarDog–my own up close and personal encounter with a pit viper. How this hair-raising experience may have benefited this story.


Interview with a Navigator — Hosted by S. E. Smith, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author

Star navigator Taro Shall is pretty good at keeping secrets, but he spills a few details about himself and his current assignment in this author/character interview.



These are just a few of my recent blogs connected to the StarDog novelette in the Pets in Space anthology.  I hope you enjoyed discovering some of the behind-the-scenes info.

And by the way, Inherit the Stars is the full length, award-winning novel connected to StarDog and my series.

Inherit the Stars is Captain Drea Mennelsohn’s story, a Network affiliate who played a brief role in StarDog, but her secrets are revealed in a big way via Sair’s (the hero’s) point of view in the full length novel.

Yes, like Adini Kemm in StarDog, Sair in for a few big surprises.

Read more about Inherit the Stars < by clicking the title.





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