The Scare

Posted at Apr 7, 2015 3:00 am

Several years ago a new television series was announced, and though I was enthused, I was also a little scared.

This series took place in the Near Future, and was about a mission within our solar system.

*Gulp* So is my upcoming novel, THE OUTER PLANETS.

The story centers on the crew of a planetary research vessel and their various backstories and connections. 


One of the characters in this series has an assignment to make videos of the crew and mission for the folks back home.

Yikes! Are you kidding me! That’s my heroine!

There’s a mystery element in this series, something eerie and powerful that’s calling the shots.

Ohhhh. This was getting way too close to home!

Here’s the blurb for THE OUTER PLANETS, which is due out in late summer 2015:

What Lissa Bruce knows could kill her.

A female video reporter with an altered identity and a damning secret joins the crew of a research mission bound for Jupiter and Saturn, only to find the past she wants to escape is already onboard.

Lieutenant Mitchell Coe, the loyal aide de camp to a murdered General–and Lissa’s late spouse–is the one man with the power to blow her cover…or salvage her heart. But after a series of malfunctions threatens the mission, Lissa suspects she’s not the only one aboard with a dangerous secret.

So, yeah. Similar elements. Of course, I had to watch the show! Turns out, this series was not really all that close to the premise for THE OUTER PLANETS, even with the many shared elements.

But guess what? I became a HUGE and very loyal fan. The sets and visuals were nothing short of spectacular, the science fascinating and relatable, the soundtrack goose-bump worthy, the cast a standout and the themes expertly interwoven between past and present plot lines. This is one of the most skillfully written series I’ve ever viewed. Just too good for mortal men! (Apparently.)

After the series ended, I bought it on DVD and viewed it with my spouse, who is not a Sci-Fi fan but merely Sci-Fi tolerant (because he has to be!), looking at me and saying, “How did this series NOT become a blockbuster?”

Yeah, how did it not?

The series was called Defying Gravity, and even if you’re a big SF fan, you may not have even heard of it. Unfortunately, like a few other stellar SF(R) series we could name, it seemed to have been deliberately killed by the network. Impossible time slot, as a summer fill, late on Sunday nights, and marketed as a Grey’s Anatomy to the Stars. Ouch! Yeah, like Grey’s Anatomy fans are even in the same universe as most SF fans.

Does Defying Gravity sound like a series you would like to watch, if you could? Well, as part of this week’s Easter egg hunt, you might just win your cup of T-minus! I’m going to give away a brand new, unopened wide screen version of Defying Gravity–the Complete First Season. (To be honest, it was the ONLY season, but the story wraps with a satisfying redemption for our hero–astronaut Maddox Donner, and for the heroine, astronaut Zoe Barnes.)

So what do you need to do to win this puppy? Well, if you have a USA address, comment below, then click “Contact” above and “Send an email” to let me know you’ve entered the hunt for Defying Gravity. (And if you don’t have a USA address, do the same, and we’ll work out an alternate prize for you.)

And here’s a visual on this Easter egg (click): Defying Gravity DVD

Happy hunting! Oh, and please sign up for my newsletter on the side bar at right. It comes with a No Spam Promise and launches in late spring with Easter eggs, fun excerpts, out-takes, news of my upcoming releases and other fun stuff!

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