I’m Helping a Great Cause in May 2018

Posted at May 10, 2018 7:23 pm

This month, I’m banding together with a group of Science Fiction and Paranormal Romance authors to help out a very worthwhile cause: A fundraiser for ALS research.

If you haven’t read my News post yet, you can check out all the details here: May News (In Video Format!)

That page will give you all the details and a new video I made about Inherit the Stars and my participation in the project.

That video was actually my second attempt. If you want to see my first try at creating one (warts and all!), then please watch the video below about why I got involved with the ALS benefit and what it means to me. Where my Inherit the Stars/Blue Book Cover Brigade video is fun and exciting…this one really came from the heart

I’d very much love to hear what you think.


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